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Enhance Immune System and Digestive Health

Nucleotides: they work as building blocks for cells to support baby’s immune and digestive system and to enhance rapid growth.

Prebiotocs (FOS/ Inulin): functional fibers that enhance digestive health by increasing beneficial bacterial in the colon, promoting softer stools and increasing deposition frequency especially in infants.

Selenium: helps defend the body against oxidative stress and promotes immunity.

Whey/Casein Ratio: balanced ratio of whey: casein that helps increase nutrient absorption, reduce constipation and allergies, and promote digestive health.

Support Brain and Eye Development

DHA and ARA: added to support brain and eye development.

Lutein: added to support eye vision and brain development including language, sounds, and problem solving skills.

Choline: enhances memory function and healthy brain development.

Enhance Healthy Growth and Development

Vitamins A, C, D, and E: added to improve postnatal growth.

Well balanced blend of iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, and copper: important for growth and development.

 Calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K

Taurine: necessary for normal skeletal muscle function.